Trump rally in Cleveland
Trump rally in Cleveland Reuters

While the polls are out on whether Jews will flock to the New York billionaire on Election Day, Donald Trump was the big winner of the “kippa caucus” at the annual AIPAC conference this week in Washington D.C.

Marc Daniels, a kippa dealer who set up shop just outside of the AIPAC conference was stunned by the unprecedented demand for Donald Trump 2016 kippot, saying he was “inundated” by requests for the item, which was by far the best seller.

The requests far exceeded his stock, and the Trump kippot sold out almost immediately, Daniels told The Washington Free Beacon.

“I totally underestimated the degree of support that Jewish people who are attending this event have for Trump,” Daniels said.

Daniels told The Washington Free Beacon that he had to turn down dozens of buyers looking for the hot election year item.

Trump’s Republican rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich were less popular, but still outperformed the two Democratic candidates by a landslide. By the end of the candidates’ speeches on Monday night, only Clinton and Sanders kippot remained in stock, with Daniels unable to find any takers.

Four of the five candidates spoke at the annual AIPAC conference on Monday. Only Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the lone Jewish candidate, failed to attend.