Heron UAV drone
Heron UAV drone Tsahi Ben-Ami/Flash 90

Prosecutors have filed charges against Majdar Awida, a 23-year-old computer engineer and cyber specialist from Gaza, who managed to hack into the IDF's drones.

In doing so, he allowed Islamic Jihad to observe what was occurring in the Gaza Strip and to keep track of what the IDF was watching.

Awida was arrest early last month, while on his way to meet with young Palestinians competing in a reality show for singers. The visit as part of his separate role as head of the Palestinian Talent Club.

He is being charged with espionage, conspiracy to delivery information to the enemy and breaking into computerized material.

Interrogation revealed that he joined Islamic Jihad in 2011, while serving as a radio presenter. While not at the station, he developed a computer program to let the terror organization to view recordings from street cameras, hacked into Hamas's Interior Ministry computers and more.