Adnan Al-Damiri
Adnan Al-DamiriIssam Rimawi flash90

In the wake of Tuesday’s deadly terror attacks in Brussels that left at least 31 dead and hundreds more wounded, a Palestinian Authority spokesman pinned the blame for the rise in terrorism on Europe and the United States.

As reported by the Palestinian Media Watch, General Adnan Al-Damiri, spokesman for the Palestinian Authority’s security forces, wrote on Tuesday that Arabs were the primary victims of terrorism that was “created and exported by the US and Europe”.

Al-Damiri also called Israel “Jewish terror” and emphasized that Europe would continue to suffer until it joins the fight against Israel.

“[W]e Arabs are the ones who have been most severely burned by the fire of terror, which has been created and exported by the US and Europe since the Arab Jihad fighters in Afghanistan, and before that by exporting the Jewish terror to Palestine, supporting it and justifying it. Today, Europe is being burnt by its [the terror's] fire in its airports and squares.”

“[T]hose who prepare the poison will taste it themselves, and today Europe is having a taste of what it prepared with its own hands. Unless you fight terror everywhere, first and foremost in Palestine, since the [Israeli] occupation is the ugliest form of terror… you will be burnt by its fire," wrote Al-Damiri.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida cartoon
Al-Hayat Al-Jadida cartoonPalestinian Media Watch

On Wednesday the PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, which serves as the official mouthpiece of the Palestinian Authority government, echoed Al-Damiri’s message in a cartoon showing the West attempting to destroy up the Arab world, only to be blown up themselves.

This is not the first time Al-Damiri has made controversial statements comparing Israel to terrorist organizations. In 2014 he compared the State of Israel to ISIS, calling it “the Jewish ISIS”.

He also claimed that Israel had established drug labs in Judea and Samaria which were converting marijuana into heroin as part of a diabolical plot to poison the Arab world.