Givati Brigade soldiers (illustration)
Givati Brigade soldiers (illustration)Flash 90

Private Yehuda Suissa, the IDF soldier who tragically collapsed and died during training on Tuesday just a day after joining the Givati Brigade, is to be buried on Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the Har Herzl military funeral in southwest Jerusalem.

Suissa, a 19-year-old from moshav Beit Uziel to the west of Modi'in and a student at the Karnei Shomron hesder yeshiva combining Torah study and military service, collapsed during intensive physical activity at the Givati training base and medical forces were unable to save him.

Rabbi Yehoshua Hever, Suissa's rabbi, issued a statement of mourning at the tragic loss.

"Yehuda z''l was a servant of God, in the eyes of all those who knew him. In his studies at the yeshiva Yehuda would sit, study and invest efforts even when it was hard," said the rabbi.

"Yehuda would take up the yoke with his comrades, and put his shoulder under the stretcher, and make efforts in everything to help everyone out of humility and with a smile and without anyone noticing, and in the same way he would invest efforts in volunteering at the holiday cottage for children with special needs located at the yeshiva."

Rabbi Hever added that "Yehuda was an advanced man - in his traits and personality. He had aspirations for advancing and constantly improving himself, always looking how he could improve and advance. May his memory be a blessing."

The hesder yeshiva union released a statement Tuesday night, saying it "mourns the sudden passing of our beloved student from the hesder yeshiva in Karnei Shomron, Yehuda Suissa z''l."

"We send strength to the family and the Karnei Shomron yeshiva at this time. May his memory be a blessing."