MK Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Union) spoke to Arutz Sheva on Tuesday about the lethal Islamic State (ISIS) bombings in Brussels earlier in the day in which 34 people were murdered, and called on Europe to rethink its future.

The MK also discussed the ISIS bombing in Istanbul on Saturday which targeted Israeli tourists, murdering three of them as well as an Iranian, and called the attack "a declaration of war by ISIS against Israel."

Tuesday's bombings in Brussels were expected, she told Arutz Sheva, adding, "the Belgian and French authorities knew that there were ISIS activists planning attacks of this type."

"The security situation needs to set off red warning lights in the Jewish and Israeli institutions. I think that we need to create a new security outlook paradigm, especially in Europe but not just there. In order to solve the problem, other than the specific solutions of raiding one house or another, Europe will need to work on a master plan of close security and intelligence cooperation, and a multi-system program dealing with education and integration. The program needs to also include other states around the world."

Svetlova warned about the ever growing Muslim population in Europe, which has been fueled by a recent massive migration influx, saying, "we are seeing a collective that is constantly creating negative qualities and supporting terror sources in its midst."

"There are whole neighborhoods in which this terror continues to blossom and increase. The concept of the integration of the Muslims in Europe has failed. The states need to look the truth in the eyes and think what to do now. If they continue in the same direction we will see attacks like these every day."

The MK said that Israel needs to be concerned regarding the rising terror in Europe, saying, "the attack in Istanbul which, as became clear, targeted Israel, is a declaration of war by ISIS against Israel, and against everything Israeli and Jewish, and therefore we need to know that the attack could come in any place, and the readiness needs to be at peak levels."

"We need to treat those identified with ISIS who work among us, in the state of Israel, with more seriousness," she said, noting on the large number of Arab citizens who support ISIS, with many having gone to Syria to fight for the jihadists and others establishing local terror cells.

"They are here, they are active and they are planning. I hope that these weren't the opening shots, because if so we need to reorganize."