Yeshiva students
Yeshiva studentsFlash 90

The Kerem Beyavneh Yeshiva will hold an evening to salute the families of graduates who fell in Israel's wars and in terror attacks this Thursday.

The event, which will take place in Tel Aviv's Culture Palace, will be hosted by Avi Roth and Shaul Mayzlish. It will include the launch of the "Wise-Hearted" scholarship fund in honor of the 31 yeshiva graduates who were killed by war and terror.

Rabbi Aryeh Stern, who arrived at the yeshiva 37 years ago and now serves as its maggid [a prestigious teaching position], says, "I learned in the yeshiva and the rabbinic kolel. I served in the IDF's Artillery Corps as part of the hesder program and, about 25 years ago, I was asked by then-yeshiva head Rabbi Goldvicht zt"l to serve as the maggid. Since then I have tried fulfill my duty faithfully."

Rabbi Stern described the yeshiva's uniqueness in the Zionist Torah world. "The Kerem Beyavneh Yeshiva is characterized by its high level of study, with a special emphasis on the careful study of Gemara, in the manner of the great yeshivas. Together with this, we stress a comprehensive understanding of the Gemara and encourage the students to finish the entire tractate they are learning, along with reviews and memorization."

Despite the emphasis on studying Gemara, the yeshiva does not abandon studying faith, hashkafa, Tanach and halacha. The yeshiva has two kolels: One for rabbinic studies and one to learn for the religious courts. Rabbi Stern explains that the students who live in the yeshiva create "a special way of life for many families that are all engaged in studying Torah."

The yeshiva sees itself as a beacon of Torah for all the nearby cities and communities and so it offers its audience a range of options for participating in meaningful study. "On Wednesdays the yeshiva has a study hall, and on Fridays a 'Friday Kolel,' in which dozens of area residents participate: pensioners and workers who enjoy the yeshiva rabbis' and students' good classes,

"At Kerem Beyavneh we encourage the students to be aware of what is going on for the People of Israel," Rabbi Stern said. "As a result of this sense of responsibility, the yeshiva students serve in the army and also take part in various activities in the region, such as charity work for Ashdod residents, filling minyans and organizing prayers in synagogues around the region. In addition, the yeshiva has a training institute for Talmud and Tanach teachers, as part of the desire of many yeshiva graduates to carry out the holy work of teaching Torah to the People of Israel."

The rabbi finished his comments with good wishes for the yeshiva. "Thank G-d, over the years the yeshiva has developed in both quality and quantity, and we hope the yeshiva will continue to grow for generations of Torah followers who will give all they can to the people and the country."