Ezra Nawi
Ezra Nawi "Proof" via Keshet Broadcasting

A group of left wing radicals disrupted a lecture given Tuesday by Ilana Dayan, a journalist and legal expert, at Tel Aviv University.

Lizi Hameiri, a nationalist activist who attended the lecture, reported on her Facebook page that Dayan, who is the chief editor and presenter of Channel 2 television’s investigative show Uvda, was giving a lesson on “Freedom of speech in a liberal democracy.”

Five activists whom Hameiri described as anarchists and members of B’tselem – four men and one woman – sneaked into the class and waited for Dayan to begin her lecture. They then took out cameras and the woman, who said her name was Sigal, cut off Dayan and asked how she could be teaching about democracy and freedom of speech when she had aired an investigative report that was funded by “a radical right wing NGO” without independently verifying the accuracy of its contents.

She was referring to the famous January report about the dirty dealings of radical leftist groups Ta’ayush, B’tselem and Rabbis for Human Rights, which included footage in which one activist, Ezra Nawi, boasted of snitching to the Palestinian Authority on Arabs who wanted to sell land to Jews, in the knowledge that these Arabs would be tortured and murdered.

The five claimed that by broadcasting the report, Dayan had interfered with B’tselem’s freedom of expression, and caused Nawi and two other activists to be arrested and tortured.

Security personnel arrived on the scene but Dayan asked them not to evict the five by force, and instead replied to their accusations. She said as a journalist she was obligated to publish the documentary material, which was gathered in a three-year-long undercover project by nationalist NGO Ad Kan, regardless of whether it served the right or left. The materials were checked for accuracy before they were broadcast, she insisted. She added that she is not responsible for arresting or trying people.

The entire interruption lasted 19 minutes, according to Hameiri.

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