Around 500 residents of Judea and Samaria on Tuesday evening took part in a protest march on Highway 60, between Karmei Tzur and Gush Etzion Junction in Judea, passing through the Arab villages of Bayt Umar and Al Aroub.

At the head of the march were Yesha Council members and the heads of regional councils in the area - Davidi Perl, Yohai Damari, Malachi Levinger and Assaf Mintzer - as well as MK Betzalel Smotrich (Jewish Home), a member of the coalition government.

Arutz Sheva was on hand as the protesters called on the government to block the traffic routes in the region to Palestinian cars so as to reduce the terror attacks, and to return deterrence to the region that has been hard hit in the current terror wave.

The highway from Gush Etzion Junction to Karmei Tzur was blocked to traffic in both directions throughout the duration of the march.

Davidi Perl, head of the Gush Etzion regional council, said, "we decided to conduct a protest march from Karmei Tzur to Gush (Etzion) Junction, strategic sites that currently are in the eye of the storm due to the terror incidents."

Perl said the march is "a statement to the government of Israel - no more. Jewish blood is spilled, Jewish blood is not abandoned, and there is no statement by the government of Israel to fight an all-out war."

"The army is doing a lot, but there are many tools that the government of Israel needs to provide and is not providing, that's what we're protesting for and that's why we're marching here," declared Perl.

The regional council head said the march "is only the first action, afterwards there will be many activities if we do not feel that the security is returning to our district."

Malachi Levinger, the head of the Kiryat Arba Regional Council, said during the march that "we are going out in a call to the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister to close the routes and return the deterrence."

"There cannot be a reality in which Jews hesitate from traveling through Gush Etzion, Hevron, Jaffa (Yafo) and Jerusalem, and fear from the actions of Arabs who choose to get up in the morning and murder Jews," said Levinger.

"The time has come for the government's policy to change, for the deterrence to be returned, and for there to again be security on all the routes."