Yariv Oppenheimer
Yariv OppenheimerKobi Gideon / FLASH90

Yariv Oppenheimer, leader of the Peace Now organization, condemned terror victim Yonatan Azarihab, who was wounded in a stabbing attack on Tuesday, for killing his assailant in the course of the attack.

Oppenheimer took to Twitter on Wednesday, blasting what he termed the “execution” of terrorists who were killed while carrying out violent attacks on Tuesday in Jaffa and Petach Tikva.

Oppenheimer’s comment referenced the attacks which left Taylor Force, an American tourist and US Army veteran dead and 10 others wounded in Jaffa, and the attack in Petach Tikva which left Azarihab, a haredi resident, seriously injured.

Azarihab was stabbed in the neck, but managed to remove the knife from his own body and use it to kill his attacker.

“This is how it goes from neutralizing terrorists to execution without trial”, Oppenheimer wrote about the incidents.

He blasted the media for ignoring what he describes as extra-judicial executions, saying “In the present atmosphere, no one in the media dares to report and deal with the issue.”

Oppenheimer's comments on Twitter
Oppenheimer's comments on TwitterTwitter screenshot