A young Palestinian girl named Ahed Tamimi is famous for her frequent appearances on videos of Palestinians confronting Israeli soldiers. Her father Bassem has recently turned his family's fame into a speaking tour of the United States.

It seems that the vacation is over for Bassem Tamimi, though. Israellycool reveals that he uploaded a letter from the US consulate to his Facebook account yesterday (Tuesday). The letter notes that Tamimi's B1/2 visa is being revoked because he did not admit to having been arrested and convicted in his application.

When talking to pro-Palestinian audiences, however, Tamimi brags about his many arrests, even if the precise number seems to change with each telling. The arrests and detentions are usually for encouraging children to throw rocks at Israelis, which he considers "peaceful demonstrations."

Last year he received attention for giving a talk to a class of young children in Ithaca, New York. CNY Central news reported that "Tamimi played a video for Beverly J. Martin 3rd graders that referenced Israelis killing Palestinians and said the 8 and 9 year-olds could help by becoming freedom fighters for Palestine."

It is not known whether Tamimi received compensation for such talks, which would also invalidate his visa.

He has also shared anti-Semitic conspiracies, including accusing Israel of arresting Palestinian children in order to steal their organs and claiming that "Zionists" control the media.

The extended family is also well-known for its anti-Israel provocations, propaganda and attacks. A cousin, Ahlam Tamimi, escorted a suicide bomber to Jerusalem's Sbarro restaurant before he killed 15 people. After being sentenced to prison for her crime, she continued to take pride in helping end so many lives.