Avraham and Ruti Hasno
Avraham and Ruti HasnoCourtesy of the family

Ruti Hasno, the widow of Avraham Hasno who was murdered by an Arab terrorist near Hevron last October, praised security forces in a conversation with Arutz Sheva on Wednesday after the capture of the terrorist Tuesday night.

Hasno, 54, who was recognized as a terror victim in early November, was lured out of his car by an Arab rock ambush, at which point the Arab truck driver terrorist ran him over and murdered him. An Arutz Sheva analysis of photographic evidence of the incident revealed the driver, who turned himself in to Palestinian police claiming it was an accident, ran over Hasno at least twice, in an act of cold-blooded murder.

After being released by Palestinian police in recent days, the terrorist from Yatir in southern Judea was arrested Tuesday night by Israeli special forces.

"A great thank you to the IDF who works hard and will continue to work hard," Ruti Hasno told Arutz Sheva. "I believe that they waited the entire time for this moment to act, and I thank the prime minister who I believe had a hand in this."

The bereaved widow said that she would only feel an ease in her grief after Israel demolishes the home of the terrorist and expels his family.

"The nation of Israel is a strong nation and when the brigade commander and several others came to me this morning to tell me about the capture, I thanked the Holy One blessed be He, we need to be thankful for everything in its time, both for the good and for the bad."

Hasno emphasized that "they need to destroy his (the terrorist's) home and expel his family. It's like a dirty floor, there will only be an improvement after we expel the filth from the land of Israel and then we will feel better."

"Today that's our work, to pray and ask the prime minister to expel all the terrorists. That's our work and everything is possible, the nation of Israel lives, we just need to ask and raise a noise to the heavens and Avraham (Hasno - ed.) is helping us," she said.

She invited all of the bereaved families of terror victims to celebrate Purim together with her family in Kiryat Arba, saying, "I feel that Avraham is with us every moment and in every step, his energies exist here."

"In Kiryat Arba in the Harsina neighborhood they are embracing us and they love us. This year we will rejoice on Purim, for Avraham Purim was Purim, one great banquet, and this year we will make a double banquet, a huge banquet to elevate the soul of Avraham and those who were murdered with him."

Ruti Hasno described that there would be facilities and trampolines for the families of terror victims to come and be together, "so that they will see that the nation of Israel lives. It will be a sanctification of God's name, this is how we have to continue living. It is true that Avraham is missing, but we need to look forward, Avraham wanted us to hold a banquet and there will be a huge banquet here."

Along those lines of the nation living on despite the terror, just this Sunday Hasno's family announced that a grandson has been born to the terror victim and named after him.