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No fewer than three young children were forgotten and left unsupervised in the city of Modi'in Illit on Wednesday.

An infant girl aged one-and-a-half years old was located on a bus in the city after being forgotten by her parents.

Police officers scrambled to locate the day care center where the baby girl is enrolled, and she was transferred to the authority of the local caregiver.

After investigating the incident further, it was found that the girl's parents forgot her on the bus.

Even as authorities were working to resolve the first incident, a ten-year-old boy walked up to police officers and said that his four-year-old brother had gone missing.

The officers began searching for the boy but eventually found that he had managed to make his way alone to his own kindergarten.

But that wasn't it for Modi'in Illit, as shortly afterwards police found a barefooted four-year-old boy left wandering around the city with no parental supervision. The officers managed to locate his mother.

In all three of the cases, the parents of the children were summoned for an investigation on suspicions of negligence.