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Israeli police have opened a criminal investigation into a vulgar performance at the Tel Aviv Museum this past Sunday, during which a far-left "artist" publicly desecrated the Israeli flag on stage.

The incident occurred at the Ha'aretz Israel Culture Conference, during which anti-Zionist activist and actor Ariel Bronz inserted an Israeli flag into his anus in full view of the audience. Bronz was then ushered off the stage as some members of the audience reacted angrily.

Several complaints were lodged with police as a result, and on Monday Israel Police announced they would be investigating Bronz for "desecrating a national symbol."

One of the complainants is Avi Farhan, a leading Israeli activist who became something of a nationalist symbol during the struggles to save the Jewish communities of Gush Katif and Sinai.

"I asked the police to immediately arrest him and either hospitalize him for being crazy or place him on trial. For me and for the Israeli public, the flag holds a supreme value and our friends died in order to protect it. I walked with it from Yamit [in the Sinai Peninsula] to Jerusalem and from Gush Katif to Jerusalem," Farhan told Arutz Sheva earlier on Monday.

"When they wave the flag I get excited and have tears in my eyes. Israel cannot degrade the flag in such a humiliating manner."

"He [Bronz] is not an artist and I call on media outlets not to interview him. Where have we come to? Anywhere else in the world, a person as crazy as this would be arrested on the spot."

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