YouTube has restored Palestinian Media Watch's (PMW) account, one day after it was frozen.

PMW says that the account was "terminated" after it shared a video of an official Palestinian Authority broadcast featuring a young girl demanding "vengeance and liberation" and calling to "smash the oppressor." This video supposedly violated YouTube's terms of service, even though PMW was merely exposing the incitement and not supporting it.

Many of PMW's followers contacted YouTube and its parent company, Google, to appeal the block and their appeals seem to have succeeded.

The cycle of PMW revealing Palestinian incitement and hypocrisy, and then being temporarily frozen, has happened multiple times.

In 2010 the organization published a video of the Palestinian Authority's senior religious leader, Mufti Muhammad Hussein, declaring that it is a religious imperative to murder Jews. Soon after, the YouTube account was banned from uploading new content for two weeks.