Givati soldiers in team uniform
Givati soldiers in team uniformKav L'Noar

About 2,000 soldiers from the IDF's Givati Brigade will team up in the upcoming Jerusalem Marathon with teenagers who participate in various Kav L'Noar programs, which help prevent and address risk situations.

In preparation for the joint event, the brigade's deputy commander and battalion commanders joined Kav L'Noar CEO Dani Yemini for a tour of the city Sunday, in order to finalize logistics.

The team shirt is purple, inspired by the color of Givati's beret, and features the Kav L'Noar logo.

During the months and weeks leading up to the marathon, Givati soldiers met with Kav L'Noar teens, and joint training sessions were held.

“We extend our thanks to the brigade commanders for their willingness to run alongside the teens," Yemini said. "The soldiers have taught them about perseverance, overcoming hardships, and giving back to the community. The encounter with the soldiers is so powerful precisely because these teens often lack positive role models.”

The brigade's deputy commander, Lt. Col. Eliad Maor, added, “Beyond the importance of soldiers and commanders maintaining a high degree of physical fitness, we strongly believe that Givati, as a leading combat unit, is part of the people's army. Working with the community is an inseparable part of our mission, especially with an organization such as Kav L'Noar, whose work is so valuable.”