Ha'aretz Editor-in-Chief Aluf Benn
Ha'aretz Editor-in-Chief Aluf Benn Flash 90

A sick performance that was part of the Ha'aretz Israel Culture Conference at the Tel Aviv Museum Sunday was cut short and the "artist" made to leave the stage.

The performer, Ariel Bronz, inserted a flag into a part of his nether anatomy in front of the crowd, which predictably reacted harshly. According to Israel Hayom's Dror Eydar, the flag was an Israeli flag.

According to some reports, the artist also threw juiced oranges at the audience after he was booed. 

In a Ha'aretz interview in October, Bronz said that he sees his art as a form of terror and that he sees Israelis as embodying "all that is ugly in the human race."

"I see mountains of stupidity and nothingness gushing inside them every morning as they leave their poor houses and swamp the streets," he elaborated. "Zombies, people with nothing inside them."

In a previous conference in New York, the leftist Ha'aretz accommodated Palestinian Authority (PA) chief negotiator Sa'eb Erekat by taking down an Israeli flag, after he made clear that he would not speak otherwise. The flag had been draped across the stage, behind the speaker's podium.

Erekat demanded that event organizers take the flag down as his price for gracing the event with his comments – and they complied, upon which Erekat agreed to make his prepared speech.