The McGraw-Hill Education book publisher said Wednesday that it would temporarily stop selling one of its college world politics textbooks, after it had been alerted to the fact that it contained a previously discredited series of maps.

“Pending a review, we are placing a hold on sales of the book,” Catherine Mathis, chief communications officer for McGraw-Hill Education, told The Blaze via email in response to a request for comment.

In October, MSNBCapologized for airing a similar four-map graphic, which it later said was “completely wrong.”

The credit for getting the publisher to take its unusual step belongs to the pro-Israel blogger writing under the name Elder of Ziyyon, who reported Tuesday that the map series appeared on page 123 of McGraw-Hill’s college textbook “Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World.”

The book - which retails at $134.21 at online stores -  included four side-by-side maps of Israel, supposedly showing how Israel gradually encroached on Palestinian territory, with captions reading 1946, UN Plan 1947, 1949-1967, and 2000.

Elder of Ziyyon has taken to calling the graphic “The Map that Lies.” It is often used by Israel's opponents to portray it as gradually and insidiously dispossessing Arabs of their land.

However, there never was "Palestinian" sovereignty over any of the land of Israel, and the first time the Palestinians received recognized authority over any of the land was actually in 1994, when Israel agreed to the Oslo Accords.

Contrary to the textbook’s maps, before the 1967 Six Day War, it was Jordan that controlled Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, while Egypt controlled the Gaza Strip.

The college textbook also neglected to mention that the UN Partition Plan of 1947 was rejected by the Arab states, which did not agree to the creation of a Jewish state.

“I was shocked and astonished to see this deceptive and false graphic being used in the textbook. Up until now, it had only been used in anti-Israel propaganda,” Elder of Ziyyon told TheBlaze via email. “The authors edited the graphic to make it even worse, referring to each successive panel as a ‘stage’ as if the Jews have been planning to dispossess Arabs for over seventy years.”