MK Knesia Sveltova
MK Knesia SveltovaKnesset spokesperson

Panelists on the show The Patriots noted MK Ksenia Svetlova's (Zionist Union) comments yesterday that Palestinian terrorists are no worse than Israelis were before 1948 and that “there is a little Nazi in everybody.”

The host, Erel Segal, noted that “Although the underground movements used violence, it was aimed at the British Mandate... No one in the Etzel [also known as the Irgun] ever stood and aimed a weapon at a child's head.”

Dr. Hani Zubida added that there were no British civilians in Israel at the time, and that the Jewish underground movements only attacked British military targets.

“They jump to Hitler so easily. Let's say that we were also terrorists like the Palestinians, that doesn't matter,” offered Irit Linor. “The issue of 'it's all the same' and 'we were just as bad' means the reality doesn't matter. They are the enemy and we need to defeat them. It doesn't matter whether different circumstances would change things. They say it's all the same and we're all the same. No! We're all enemies or allies. We need to defeat the enemies and we need to support the allies.”

Kalman Liebskind, the journalist who interviewed MK Svetlova yesterday, explained, “This statement is related to all sorts of people's desire to say 'We're all equal and we're all the same. There aren't exactly good and bad people, and we all come from the same place.' It's not true! There are good and bad people, and we aren't Nazis. There's a difference between our culture and their culture. The reality shows this to be true.”