Shira Harel
Shira HarelYoni Kempinski

Shira Harel, the wife of Roi Harel, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday about how her husband managed to save her and their five kids from two Arab terrorists who broke into their house early in the morning.

The two terrorists, aged 17, had breached into their town of Eli in Samaria from the adjacent village of Karyut. They were armed with clubs and knives. They also had brought an improvised handgun but they dropped it while getting through the barbed wire security fence of the town.

Harel said she knew something was wrong as her husband, who was loading up the car to leave for his reserve army duty, shouted that she go into the room and not come out and call security. One of their five children went out of their bedroom and he told them to get inside the door, as just down the hall he was struggling with the terrorists.

She said her husband stopped the terrorists "a second before they came into the rooms."

After being hit repeatedly by the terrorists and suffering light wounds, Roi Harel managed to push them out of the house and lock the door. It was only later when they opened the door that they saw a 20 centimeter (8 inch) knife sticking into it.

According to Harel it was a miracle that her husband was able to stop the terrorists "before they got him. And they didn't use their knives, and they didn't get to the kids."

She said she can't imagine what could have happened if husband wasn't there, and went on to call him "a big hero," noting how he gave them instructions on exactly what to do even while still bleeding from his wounds to the head.