Shilo Adler
Shilo AdlerArutz Sheva

Shilo Adler, director of the Yesha Council and a resident of the Hayovel neighborhood in Eli, Samaria, where Roi Harel fought off two terrorists who breached into his house on early Wednesday morning, reenacted the events for Arutz Sheva.

Adler praised the incident as a "miracle," given how Harel managed to push out of his home the two 17-year-old Arab terrorists from the adjacent village of Karyut, who were armed with clubs and knives, while only sustaining light injuries.

The Yesha Council director told Arutz Sheva he was awake and working on his computer when at around 5:30 a.m. he got an SMS from security forces saying a security incident had occurred and asking residents to stay indoors.

Adler, an IDF reserve soldier and a member of the town's security team, found out the incident took place at the house right behind his, where IDF reserve company commander Harel was on his way to do reserve army duty and putting things in his car when he was attacked by the two terrorists.

The terrorists apparently got past the security of the town as they were finishing their shift on guard duty, but got stuck in the barbed wire fence, where their improvised handgun fell. Likewise the shoes of one of the terrorists got stuck in the barbed wire and were later found by security forces, and the terrorist's sweater ripped as well, said Adler.

The attackers saw the light at Harel's house, but he managed to kick them out of his home and lock the door, at which his wife contacted the security team which began scouring the neighborhood.

During the search, Adler noted on seeing the broken windows of cars before hearing gunshots, as Nahal Brigade soldiers identified one of the terrorists hiding in the bushes by the local mikveh (ritual bath). "Right by my car the second terrorist jumps out with a club and a knife, we succeeded in neutralizing him too," he said.

Adler noted that the attack took place just before the time he normally studies with youth at the synagogue, at around 5:50 a.m.

"By a miracle it happened before that, because otherwise we could have ended this incident very differently with several children slaughtered here on the sidewalk."

He said the neighborhood has gone through hard times, noting on two soldiers who fell in war, "but we're a strong neighborhood, and not this incident or another incident or two terrorists from the adjacent village are going to break us."

Adler called the attack an opportunity to call on the government, the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister, and demand they end the policy of "containment" towards terror which "is no longer relevant."