Rabbi Nehemia Lavi
Rabbi Nehemia Lavi Yaakov Yavrov

Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) has agreed to implement a law allowing himself and the police chief to recommend granting a decoration of valor to a citizen or officer who acted bravely in fighting terror.

Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home) passed along a request to Erdan asking to grant a decoration of valor to Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, who was murdered by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem's Old City as he tried to save a young family from the attacker. Lavi and the father of the family, Aharon Banita Bennett, were both murdered in the attack.

"Difficult days of terror are visiting our nation throughout the whole country and many families are paying a heavy price with the lives of their dear ones," wrote Ben-Dahan in his request. "Security forces and citizens of Israel are standing like a wall to defend their land and homeland."

He noted that Lavi's family members had asked him to grant Lavi a citation and decoration of valor, and said that doing so would help the family of the murdered, and "strengthen the unity of the nation and its spirit."

Ben-Dahan asked Erdan to grant a decoration of valor to all those who heroically took action against the terrorists during the current wave of attacks, also listing Yanai Weissman and Border Police officers such as Hadar Cohen.

Due to Erdan's decision, the committee that selects who to decorate is expected to meet this month to get the process moving.