Route 402 bus crash
Route 402 bus crash Flash 90

As part of the investigation into the 402 bus crash that killed six people, four senior Egged officials were called in for investigation by police. Channel 2 reports that the four are suspected of causing death through negligence.

Among the suspects are the director of the company's Jerusalem district, the district's safety officer and the head of the district's human resources.

About two weeks ago, a video was released showing the driver responsible for the accident, Haim Bitton, involved in a similar crash on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway several months prior.

In the filmed incident, Bitton hit a private car without cause and could be seen exchanging information with the driver. Egged was then forced to compensate the struck driver to the amount of 15,000 shekels ($3,800 US). Bitton soon returned to work.

Furthermore, it was reported that an Egged evaluation warned of Bitton's dangerous driving and said he posed a danger to the public.

In December 2014, he was involved in yet another accident while driving the 402 line, this time from Bnei Brak to Jerusalem. In this case as well, he struck a truck near Shoresh Junction and several people were injured.

Following the 2014 crash, Egged decided that Bitton would no longer work on intercity routes and he was reassigned to solely inner city lines. He returned to the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv route only a few weeks ago.

Police are currently whether the senior officials bear responsibility for returning him to the intercity line despite his long record of dangerous driving.