Chemical warfare (illustration)
Chemical warfare (illustration) IDF spokesman's unit

Iranian military officials on Monday held an unveiling ceremony in Tehran for five new domestically produced pieces of military equipment, with the hardware indicating the leading state sponsor of terrorism is earnestly preparing for chemical warfare.

The state-run PressTV reported the five new tools of war included a "Pars Cam detector device, an explosives and drugs detector device, anti-shock and explosion-proof polymer covers, a new generation of NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) suits, and a production line for Obidoxime Chloride, a medicine for countering chemical agents."

The new equipment was displayed on domestic TV.

Iran's Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan took part in the ceremony, and indicated that his country will continue to flout US opposition to Iran's intense military build-up, as seen in recent American sanctions on Iran's missile program following Iranian missile tests that breached UN sanctions.

"In spite of the sanctions against (Iran’s) defense sector, the armed forces have foiled (the) enemies’ intentions and objectives by attaining self-sufficiency and producing new achievements, and will do the same in the future,” Dehqan said.

He also said Iran is developing "advanced and sophisticated defensive equipment” as an “important mission.”

Earlier this month US intelligence officials warned an anticipated space launch by Iran in the coming weeks as part of its "massive" missile drills will likely violate a recent UN nuclear resolution against long-range missile tests. The tests are seen as paving the way in developing long-range nuclear-capable missiles.

The US likewise warned a sale of Russian fighter jets to Iran as part of a massive military deal would also breach a UN arms embargo.

Iran recently briefly violated the nuclear deal according to the IAEA UN nuclear watchdog. Critics of the deal note it does not allow inspection access to Tehran's covert nuclear sites such as Parchin, and Iran can simply wait 15 years for the limitations to expire before developing nuclear weapons at will.