Rabbi David Yosef
Rabbi David Yosef Photo: Yaakov Lederman/Flash90

During his weekly synagogue lesson, Rabbi David Yosef, a member of the Council of Torah Sages, made aggressive remarks against the Reform Movement saying it is "not Jewish" and its members are "literally idolaters."

Rabbi Yosef’s remarks come as the Israeli government recently approved a decision to expand the non-Orthodox prayer space at the Kotel.

"Reform is not secular, a secular person does not know what the Torah is - unfortunately, it was never taught to him and he has never learned so we must pray for his repentance. But Reform is a collaboration of idolatry, Reform are idolaters – simply and literally," said Rabbi Yosef.

"I do not know why we ignore this today, the Reform are the biggest fighters against Zionism, they do not believe in the coming of the messiah. For generations they erased any mention of Zion and Jerusalem in their prayer books. For years they preached assimilation, to be like the Gentiles, they built their synagogues to look like churches, they declare to ‘be a Jew at home and a (regular) person in public’, these are such terrible words,” said the member of the Council of Torah Sages.

Rabbi Yosef further detailed how reform Jews want to embed their “impure prayers” in the Kotel, and with God's help, “We will fight, and they will not succeed.”

“Their Rabbi goes along with a pastor and performs a chuppah (marriage ceremony) in a church. You call that Judaism?” the council member asked rhetorically.

Rabbi Yosef further ridiculed the High Court’s decision to allow the Reform to immerse in religious council mikveh’s wondering "From where do they even know what a mikveh is? A mikveh is a halakhic concept, go to immerse in the bath, go to your mixed swimming pools. It is ridiculous, seeing that they are doing everything out of spite."

"It will not happen! We will not rest and we will fight for it, and you will see that with God's help we will win, they will not get the Kotel! The Kotel is a holy place, it is ours,” concluded Rabbi Yosef.