Binyamin Ya'akobovitz
Binyamin Ya'akobovitzIsrael Police

The High Court on Sunday night approved the demolition of the home the terrorist who carried out a car ramming attack at the Halhoul junction, near Hevron, last November, in which Border Police officer Binyamin Ya'akobovitz was murdered.

The three judges in the case rejected the petition of the terrorist's family against the demolition of the home, and determined that the internal partitions of the home will be demolished and it would be sealed using foam. The reason for the ruling is that the terrorist resided on the third floor of a residential building where other families who are not related to him reside as well.

One of the arguments in the family's petition was that the incident was a car accident and not a terror attack.

Judge Yitzhak Amit, however, ruled that footage of the attack, in which the vehicle driven by the terrorist is seen veering off the road and accelerating towards the officers standing on the roadside, is evidence which contradicts that claim.

19-year-old Ya'akobovitz was initially evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital with serious head injuries, and had been fighting for life in intensive care for several dies before he finally succumbed to his wounds.

Ya'akobovitz had joined the Border Police just a year and a half before the deadly attack. He left behind his parents, one brother and two sisters.