Oscar statue
Oscar statue Photo: Phil McCarten/Reuters

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony is mere hours away, and as always, a distinguished number of Jewish actors, comedians, directors and writers are nominated.

While other members of the tribe will present awards (including Jason Segal, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Sarah Silverman), a full comprehensive list of Jewish and/or Israeli-themed films and actors nominated for an award is presented below.


This documentary on British-Jewish musician Amy Winehouse, who died at the young age of 27, is nominated for Best Documentary.

Ave Maria

Nominated for Best Short Film (Live Action), the film tells the story of a Jewish family who after a car accident, becomes stranded at a remote Palestinian convent as the Sabbath begins, and ask for help from a group of Palestinian nuns.

Bridge of Spies

Nominated for six awards including Best Picture, the film features an all-star Jewish cast, including director Steven Spielberg and screenplay writers Joel and Ethan Coen (alongside Matt Charman).

Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah

Directed by Adam Benzine and nominated for Best Documentary Short,  this story looks at Claude Lanzmann’s making of Shoah, an iconic nearly ten-hour film on the Holocaust.


Nominated for four Oscars, including Best Director for Irish-Jewish filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson. According to Abrahamson, he’s the third most famous Irish Jew of all time behind former Israeli president Chaim Herzog (who grew up in Dublin) and the character Leopold Bloom in James Joyce’s “Ulysses.”

Son of Saul

Already winning a Golden Globe award, this Hungarian film, nominated for Best Foreign Film, follows a Holocaust inmate who finds the body of his dead son and his quest to give him a proper Jewish burial.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Directed by Jewish producer J.J. Abrams, this seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise is nominated for five awards.

The Hateful Eight

The American Western film from acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino brought Jewish actress Jennifer Jason Leigh back to the spotlight as she is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a leading role.

The Revenant

With eleven nominations, the film is produced by Israeli Arnon Milchan, and features cinematography from Jewish-Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki Morgenstern.

Winter on Fire

Nominated for Best Documentary, this story revolving around the Ukrainian revolution was developed by Russian-Israeli director Evgeny Afineevsky.