UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn
UK Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn Reuters

The UK's Labour Party is being accused of an organized cover-up of evidence of left-wing anti-Semitism at Britain's prestigious Oxford University, after an internal report into allegations has been quietly shelved.

Labour initially launched an investigation after the head of the head of Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) resigned, blaming rampant anti-Semitism within the student Left. Alex Chalmers, who is not Jewish himself, accused a large proportion of left-wing students of having "some kind of problem with Jews."

Following Chalmers' resignation, which received national press coverage and prompted several government officials to condemn the phenomenon of anti-Semitism at Oxford, numerous Jewish students spoke out about their own harrowing experiences at the hands of left-wing anti-Semites.

The findings of that investigation - conducted by Labour Students, the party's student wing - were handed to the Labour Party last week.

According to an email seen by Britain's Daily Telegraph, Labour Students national chair Michael Rubin told OULC members that the report would be released as early as February 23. 

"The severity of the allegations requires a comprehensive, but swift review, so we are therefore aiming to publish the findings of our investigation on Tuesday 23rd February," the email read.

But in a surprising move, the report has never been published. Instead, the Labour Party has recommissioned yet another investigation, headed by a more senior party figure - causing many to question whether the party leadership is trying to protect several rising stars who are implicated as the organizers of anti-Semitic activity at Oxford.

In particular, the investigation is believed to have implicated two senior Labour Party activists close to party leader Jeremy Corbyn as key instigators of anti-Jewish "harassment and intimidation" at Oxford.

According to the Telegraph, the pair are Young Labour national committee member Max Shanly, 25, and 22-year-old James Elliott, who is a member of the youth section of Labour's national policy forum.

Elliott, a third-year history student at Oxford, played a prominent role in Corbyn's campaign for election as Labour Party leader last year, and even helped Corbyn write the party's "youth manifesto." He is also backed by the pro-Corbyn pressure group Momentum to become Labour's youth representative on the national executive committee.

Shanly is a close friend of the founder of Momentum, which has backed him in his campaign to stand as a national officer in Labour's youth elections next week.

Both strongly deny they are involved in any anti-Semitic activity at Oxford.

A Labour source close to the investigation told the Telegraph they feared a cover-up ahead of the elections.

"The Labour Party has had the report for a few days now. Why would they not be open and publish it if they had nothing to hide?" the source asked.

"Any serious look at this issue is good, but it looks as though [another investigation] is being launched to slow down action until after the elections.

"We know that the Labour Party want people like Elliott elected to the NEC. But shutting down a report which contains serious allegations against him indicates that this is an institutional cover-up which is more serious."

The controversy will do little to assuage British Jews' fears that the Labour Party is veering sharply to the Left - and towards virulently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments - under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, who has gone on record calling Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists his "friends", and has associated in the past with known holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic preachers.