Ambassador Danny Danon
Ambassador Danny DanonArutz Sheva

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, gave a talk to students at Florida International University (FIU) yesterday (Friday).

A group of pro-Palestinian activists walked out in protest while Danon was speaking about the situation in Gaza. "Hamas in Gaza is planning for the next conflict with Israel, building attack tunnels and purchasing weapons technology and rockets," he said. At this time, the students left the room while wearing keffiyehs and raising a fist in protest.

Danon continued his talk and blamed Hamas for causing humanitarian harm to the residents of Gaza. "The State of Israel allows hundreds of trucks to enter with humanitarian supplies to rebuild Gaza. Hamas steals a large portion of the concrete and the construction materials in order to build an infrastructure of terror tunnels."

Pro-Israel activists called out at the protesters "Good riddance," and clapped at the end of the talk.

Danon, who received his bachelor's degree in international relations from FIU about 20 years ago, called on the students to get involved, to read and to use their knowledge in order to make their own decisions. "One of you could be the future US Secretary of State. It's important that you remain active and speak your minds, even when it is not popular."

The pro-Palestinian protesters also held a demonstration outside of the lecture hall and waved signs in protest against Danon's talk.