MK Oren Hazan escorted out of Knesset
MK Oren Hazan escorted out of Knesset Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

After the head of the coalition, Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud), kicked MK Oren Hazan (Likud) out of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, MK Hazan has announced that he will resign his membership in his other committees: the Finance Committee and the State Oversight Committee.

"A situation has been created in which there is a coalition of 61 and only Oren Hazan is to blame. They are picking on me precisely because of this," Hazan told Channel 2. "There were votes in which only 29 MKs showed up and the coalition head lost time after time, and he chose to incite the flames against me... They pick on me because it's easy. When there was an illegal vote they blamed me, when there was an incident in the Knesset parking lot they blamed me - a situation has been created in which they take me and put out a headline."

Hanegbi suspended Hazan from his membership in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee after the latter missed votes in the Knesset Assembly, causing the coalition to fail to achieve a majority.

In a letter to the coalition members, MK Hanegbi wrote that "For some time now, MK Oren Hazan has intentionally missed numerous votes in the Knesset Assembly. This is a consistent defiance against the party in which he is a member, defeats the government, and makes it difficult for us to advance the goals to which the coalition is committed.

"Aside from all this, it is a clear demonstration of disrespect towards the party members, who deal with the opposition every Monday and Wednesday, and often remain deep into the night."

In response, Hazan said, "It's sad that Coalition Head Tzachi Hanegbi doesn't take responsibility for his failure in the votes and takes out his personal frustration on me for not having been appointed minister on the one hand and his failure as a coalition head on the other - by inciting a fire against me for his failures. I don't intend to play this game."