Rabbi Rabinowitz at the Kotel
Rabbi Rabinowitz at the KotelFlash90

Israel's Chief Rabbinate Council harshly criticized Thursday the conduct of Kotel Rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, for his involvement of dividing the Kotel following the government’s approval for expanding the egalitarian prayer section.

Despite clear opposition of the chief rabbis, Rabbi Rabinowitz endorsed the separation framework, without informing the Rabbinical Council.

Following a meeting of the Chief Rabbinate Council on Thursday, a statement implicitly criticized the conduct of the Kotel Rabbi: ''The Council notes that the rabbi of the Kotel and Holy Sites, Rabbi Rabinowitz, should carry out his actions strictly in accordance and through the guidelines of the Chief Rabbinate.”

It should be noted that prior to the Chief Rabbinical Council meeting, Chief Rabbi of the Old City of Jerusalem Rabbi Nebenzahl published a letter supporting Rabbi Rabinowitz, hoping to prevent the reprimand against him: "The Chief Rabbinate must reinforce the Kotel Rabbi, whom I testify for that for many years, has been performing sacred work with wisdom and understanding and who has taken upon himself a huge responsibility, and does so with the consultation of the sages of Israel.”

“I trust him with all my heart to work to save the remains of our Holy Temple and to act with sanctity and purity worthy of praise,” wrote Rabbi Nebenzahl.