Shuli Muallem
Shuli MuallemHadas Parush/Flash 90

MK Shuli Muallem (Jewish Home) spoke to Arutz Sheva from the Knesset on Wednesday, in the wake of the Arab stabbing attempt at Gush Etzion Junction in which a young Israeli was critically wounded by errant gunfire from IDF forces intended for the terrorist.

The terrorist was moderately wounded but left alive by the forces, and both were evacuated to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem for treatment. The victim, identified as Eliyav Gelman, later died of his wounds.

"Again we were given difficult news on another attack at (Gush) Etzion Junction. Gush Etzion Junction is my home," said Muallem, calling it "another attempt to murder Jews."

"The war against terror has to be total, every murderer who comes to commit an attack needs to understand that they won't return home alive."

Muallem's statement calling for terrorists to be shot dead at the scene of their attack comes in the wake of a huge controversy, after IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot last Wednesday defended the extremely strict open-fire regulations and called for great restraint in shooting terrorists.

Minister Naftali Bennett, the head of Muallem's Jewish Home party, defended Eizenkot, and also claimed Eizenkot backs the Talmudic dictum of "one who comes to kill you - kill him first" - even though Eizenkot had derided the teaching as a "slogan" that the IDF must not ascribe to.

In her response to Wednesday's attack, Muallem went on to say, "we all have to fight against the inconceivable incitement on the social and media networks of the Palestinian Authority. This war must be an all out war."

"I again strengthen the security forces for war in the Arab villages, to remove the war that they are waging from the junction, (and move it) to the places of the attackers. We cannot not be in those places."

"We have to take it up a level," she concluded.

Regarding the fate of terrorists, Muallem's party voted against a bill last July to apply Israel's death penalty law to terrorists, which was defeated after all MKs but those of the Yisrael Beytenu party that raised the bill shot it down.