Donald Trump is predicted to have handily defeated his opponents again on Tuesday night local time, taking the Nevada Republican Caucus in his third straight victory in the Republican presidential race.

It remains unclear who came in second, with Senator Marco Rubio shown as enjoying a slight advantage over Senator Ted Cruz, although not enough results have come in to say for sure.

At 17% of the precincts having been counted, Fox News reported that Trump led with 46%, followed by Rubio at 24% and Cruz at 20%.

Trump spoke before a crowd of supporters in Las Vegas, saying, "now we’re winning, winning, winning. Soon, the country is going to start winning, winning, winning."

The Nevada victory builds momentum for the real estate mogul, who earlier in the month also took South Carolina and New Hampshire, after losing out to Cruz in Iowa.

That momentum may be crucial going into Super Tuesday next week when over a dozen states hold primaries the same day, determining nearly 600 delegates, which is over four times the number awarded in the first four states combined.