Mars and Snickers candy bars
Mars and Snickers candy barsReuters

The international chocolate maker Mars on Tuesday ordered a recall of chocolate bars in a full 55 countries.

After an initial lack of clarity it was revealed that Israel is among the 55 countries, and Mars' official importer in Israel Sids will collect Snickers Mini bars starting on Wednesday.

The products listed in the recall for Israel are Snickers Mini bars weighing 187 grams and with an expiration date of December 11, 2016. 

The recall was launched after pieces of plastic were found in a Snickers bar in January by a customer in Germany. Mars tracked the plastic back to one of its factories in the town of Veghel, in the southern region of the Netherlands, reports BBC.

A Mars spokesperson said only products manufactured at the Dutch plant are being recalled.

In the UK those products include funsize Mars and Milky Way bars as well as boxes of Celebrations. In the Netherlands Mars and Snickers bars also were on the list. Germany, where the problem was first noticed, was also part of the recall.

Most of the 55 countries are in Europe, and the US where Mars is based was not included. However, the countries also include Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The chocolate maker has not specified how many bars were affected by the manufactured defect, or how much the recall is to cost. Estimations project that it will cost millions.

In announcing the recall the company said the move was a precaution, with a statement reading: "with this recall, we would like to prevent consumers who have purchased one of the above-mentioned products from consuming it."