Slomiansky Flash 90

The Constitution, Law and Justice Committee of the Knesset will discuss the newly revised version of the “expulsion law” over the course of Tuesday.

The text of the new draft was submitted by Committee Chairperson Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home) who told Arutz Sheva during an interview that “I hope that the entire coalition will vote in favor of the bill. We cannot allow someone who supports terror and meets with those who kill Jews to sit beside me in the Knesset. There is no parliament in the world where such a thing would be allowed to happen. Even democracy has its red lines.”

According to the new draft of the bill there will be three clear cut criteria regarding which MKs can be deposed. “They are basically the same criteria that would disqualify someone from running for the Knesset. They are: anyone who does not recognize Israel as a Jewish, democratic state, incites others towards racism, or makes statements in support of terrorism.”

Slomiansky went on record to say that he believes that the Balad faction of the Joint List lied to the High Court of Justice. “Each member of the Knesset has to sign that they will uphold these three criteria before they run for Knesset. This was the exact stumbling block that caused the Elections Committee to disallow the candidacy of the Balad faction. But Balad applied to the High Court of Justice and convinced them that they do not support terrorism. And here you go, today we know that they lied to everyone, they lied to the public, and if it is clear to everyone that they do support terror, then we need to depose them.”

Slomiansky believes that if the law is passed, and the Knesset votes that an MK should be deposed, then even the High Court of Justice would not help them.

“It would be hard for me to believe that in a situation where the law would pass and an MK would support terrorism and be deposed that the High Court of Justice would interfere. The Court would not strike down a law that the Knesset passes, and perhaps it will even serve as a warning to MKs not to take part in or support terrorism. They will think ten times over whether it is worth it to them.”