Al Quds University
Al Quds UniversityHadas Porush/Flash 90

The Palestinian Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, a place known for its support of terrorists, has begun holding academic activities honoring terrorists who have been killed while carrying out attacks to murder Jews.

The first of such programs was held on February 13th in Al Quds, and is expected to spread to other Palestinian Universities in the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The first program commemorated the Armon Hanatziv terrorist Baha 'Alyan, who was killed after slaughtering 3 people and injuring seven others in a terror attack in October of last year.

The event was held under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority's "High Commission for Youth and Sports," a branch of the PA in charge of youth and sports activities in the PA territories. It is expected to be the first of many such events.

According to a report published by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), some 2,500 students participated in the event and created a human chain which they called “the chain of the light of the martyrs” a name that is now being used to signify other such programs.

Program organizer, 'Azzam Ahmad Anjas, said in an interview with Ma’an news agency that Baha 'Alyan was known as "the learned martyr". The event that Anjas organized was therefore aimed at realizing an idea that ‘Alyan had voiced several years ago, to form a chain of readers along the walls of Jerusalem. Anjas added that, in preparation for the event, a group of students had launched a designated Facebook page and a special hashtag to advertise the initiative and recruit participants.  

The activity, and ‘Alyan’s terrorism itself casts doubt on a philosophy that Israel has adopted which suggests that if the Palestinian populace became more educated and received academic degrees then they would cease to be terrorists.

Furthering that doubt ‘Alyan’s father Mohammed told Ma’an that “if the [Palestinian] people will not be educated than we will not be able to combat the regime”. According to Mohammed ‘Alyan, an attorney by trade, Baha proved that “defending our birthright necessitates a higher education.”