Pregnancy (illustrative)
Pregnancy (illustrative)Flash 90

A Be’er Sheva labor court has rejected the appeal of a pregnant woman who was fired while pregnant.

The woman sued her employer for her termination and requested the payment of damages of 160,000 shekel.

Judge Frankel rejected the suit and decided that the woman had been hired for a specific short term project. Following the receipt of a message that the project was ended, the woman told her employer that she was pregnant.

The court decided that an employer can fire an employee who is pregnant if their contract is for a specifically allocated period of time that is less than one year. Furthermore the court decided that in such a case there is no need to receive special permission from the Ministry of Economy in order to fire the employee.

The court also rejected a second suit by the woman who claimed that she was not given a hearing upon being fired in conjunction with the law. The court decided that since the project had come to a close, and the woman received a message letting her know as much, no hearing was required.