'Moderate injuries'
'Moderate injuries' Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson, who miraculously survived a savage murder attempt in 2011, has spoken about her near-death experience many times, in numerous lectures and interviews in Israel and abroad. But on Thursday, she did something she has never done before: she posted a photo of what her wounds looked like, shortly after the stabbing.

In order to spare our readers an image they may not want to see, we have blurred the photo somewhat. The original can be seen here, but be warned, it makes for very unpleasant viewing. 

"Until now, I have been very reluctant to post pictures of my stab wounds," Wilson wrote on Facebook. "That's because I don't believe that showing gore to a world desensitized by carnage, really has much effect – and of course, it's sort of personal too.

"However, given the daily murders and attempted murders that we are enduring and giving the fact that most choose to overlook it, dismiss it or even justify it, I present to you my 'moderate injuries.' (and that's without seeing the over 30 broken bones and mental trauma...)

"Today, in yet another stabbing attack, 2 more Israelis were 'moderately wounded.'

"I don't post this so you feel sorry for me. No need. I'm great, but thanks for asking... :-) So PLEASE DON'T COMMENT ABOUT HOW SORRY YOU ARE, I KNOW YOU ARE!!!! :-)

"I post because Israel needs you to speak up, to write to the media, to governments, to contest every single lie whether it be BDS, mythical concentration camps in the PA or the dismissing of, and justification of, murder of Jewish people.

"Israel needs your prayers but Israel needs YOU to do your part. Thank you for what you will do."

Wilson was on a hike with her friend Kristine Luken in the Mata forest, near the city of Beit Shemesh, when the two were subjected to a brutal attack by two Arab terrorists, who were waiting for victims to show up. Kristine died in front of Kay's eyes, and Kay was spared the same fate only by playing dead despite the excruciating pain.