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Hanamel Even Chen Eliran Aharon

Arutz Sheva on Thursday evening spoke with Ben Hamo and Hanamel Even Chen, the two heroic civilians who shot two 14-year-old Arab terrorists just hours earlier as they went on a lethal stabbing rampage at a Rami Levy supermarket in Sha'ar Binyamin northeast of Jerusalem.

In the attack a 21-year-old victim was murdered and a 36-year-old was moderately wounded, before the two civilians bravely confronted and shot the terrorists from nearby Bitunia, wounding them and allowing them to be arrested and brought in to hospital for treatment.

Hamo recounted the events, saying, "I came to shop at Rami Levy, I was in the aisle of aluminum foil and the like, Shabbat candles, and suddenly I heard shouts and immediately I understood that an attack was happening."

"I ran in the direction of the shouts, I saw a terrorist in front of me with a knife in hand approaching me," he said. "I told him 'stop, throw away the knife.' He took another step, I shot him with a precise bullet to bring him down."

Hamo recalled that he "heard another terrorist, I looked to the right, then there was another guy behind me named Hanamel, he shot him with two bullets and eliminated him too."

Even Chen told Arutz Sheva that he "saw someone trying to get up after taking some kind of hit from a shopping cart, with a knife in his hand trying to get up towards a woman a meter away from him."

He shot "two bullets to the center of his mass, and the guy fell, thank God."

"I ask one question, why do we need to do the work, where's the army, where are the police?"

"That a simple civilian needs to deal with a terrorist - I think that's absurd. True, thank God we kill the terrorists, but why do we need to come across a terrorist, and why - I don't know, these are questions that bother me," said the visibly upset Even Chen, noting on the growing wave of Arab terror.

He concluded on a positive note, saying, "may we all have happy lives."

Video from the interview in Hebrew can be seen below.

'יריתי שני כדורים, והמחבל נפל ברוך ה''

Among other points, police are currently investigating how the two terrorists succeeded in entering the shopping center and getting past the security check at the Rami Levy supermarket with knives that they brought from home.

Rami Levy on Thursday night was summoned by police to come in for questioning on Sunday regarding the incident.

Rami Levy has in the past been criticized for employing Arabs, particularly after an Arab terrorist stabbed two Jewish shoppers at a branch in Mishor Adumim to the east of Jerusalem in December 2014. The terrorist apparently was aided by an Arab employee who gave him the knife he used to moderately wound the two.

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