Yeshiva students around the world grew up knowing that the most available and useful tool that they possessed was the one that held their kippah onto their head - the kippah clip.

Now an Israeli from Tel Aviv has modified the classic clip and has turned it into the multi-faceted tool accessory that we all knew it to be, calling it the MTA hairclip. Yaakov Goldberg has added some small features to the clip such as a serrated edge, a nail file, a beer bottle opener, a coin for shopping carts and even an 8mm wrench. He modified the material to increase strength and manufactures the clips in three styles and colors each with their own specific uses. The clips still look like regular kippah clips, but are reinforced with steel to make certain that they do not bend or break.

Goldberg said that he came up with the idea thanks to his religious friends who not only hold their kippahs in place with the clip, but also perform multiple other tasks with the simple clip. “I actually came up with the idea because I have a lot of Jewish friends who all wear a kippah and hold it in place with a simple hair-clip. They often use the clip to open boxes or screw and unscrew things so I thought 'why not take this and make it into a real, functional multi-tool?’”

Goldberg said in an interview with the Daily Mail that he tried to accessorize the accessory in as many ways as he could. “I thought of all the useful little things people always want to be close to them and tried to incorporate them into the clip. One of the hardest parts was creating all these functions in something so small.”

The silver clip is only 6cm long and the pink and black varieties are only 5cm long.

“Trying to make everything work was difficult,” Goldberg said. “I made a lot of samples of each tool and then had to work out how to combine them.”

Goldberg said there were some safety issues involved as well, as the clip can second as a flat-blade screwdriver or knife. “The knife can cut 'all sorts, from fruit to rope', but it won't cut the hair while wearing it.”

The added benefit of the clip is that one almost never forgets to take it, and it is not an “extra” tool that one needs to think about. “There are various tools on the market but you have to remember to take them with you,' Mr Goldberg continued. “Often people will leave it in their kitchen or their bag and they don't have it when they need it. With the hair-clip it's on your head all the time, you don't need to think about it and remember to carry it with you.”

The clip is available for purchase online via Amazon or the website “Monkey Business” where it sells for between $6-7 dollars a piece. Goldberg says that customers are really enjoying it.

“The feedback so far has been great. People really like it and have found it very useful. I took on board what people said after I made the first one. Some people felt a bottle opener was missing, so I included that in the newer designs.”