Iran nuclear talks in Vienna
Iran nuclear talks in ViennaReuters

A recent Gallup poll has found that most of the US public is still opposed to last year's nuclear deal with Iran.

The study, which was carried out about half a year after the agreement was signed, shows that 57 percent of responders have a negative opinion towards the agreement, compared with merely a third who expressed support.

A strong majority of Republicans are dissatisfied, while only a little more than half of Democrats say they are in favor.

The survey's editors wrote that the strong opposition of Republican legislators in Congress, as well as that of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, likely influences the "ugly public mood on this issue."

A nuclear agreement with Iran received its greatest popularity when it was still only a concept, but even then a majority of US responders were opposed.

Polls carried out since the signing found that twice as many US Jews are against the deal as for it, and that only one in three Americans approved of President Barack Obama's Iran policy.