Israeli train (illustration)
Israeli train (illustration) Flash 90

On Monday an “angel” on a train helped out a soldier in need on a train by paying her family’s debt of 1,950 shekel to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC). According to an eyewitness report, the soldier was crying hysterically into her phone while arguing with the IEC not to cut off the power to her mother’s home when another passenger took her phone and paid the debt for her. 

The soldier, who lives solely on the meager military stipend, is the only daughter of her single and disabled mother. The mother lives off of her social security benefits which she receives at the end of each month. The amount owed to the IEC had accumulated to a large sum which was more than the family could pay until the next social security stipend would come in.

Daniel Danino, the eyewitness, who is also a soldier, was shocked at the kindness displayed by the gentleman whom she identified as Ofir Yitzhak.

According to a post that Danino posted on her Facebook page, and on a number of groups including “soldiers tweeting”, the "angel" Yitzhak “grabbed” the telephone from the hysterical soldier, paid the debt on the spot from his own pocket and provided the soldier with a confirmation number so that she can verify the transaction.

Danino also reported that Yitzhak did it all out of love so that the soldier can have some peace-of-mind.

“This is a man of action, values, humility and with a huge heart,” Danino wrote in her description of Yitzhak in her post. She signed off by stating that the entire episode filled her with pride to be part of a nation that devotes itself to helping one another in times of need.