Hezbollah Fighters
Hezbollah FightersReuters

Lebanon has grown incensed at the dire situation which has resulted due to the siege that Hezbollah forces together with President Bashar Al-Assad's forces have been enforcing on the city of Madaya for over half a year.

While dire reports of starvation, lack of clean water and medical supplies and even reports of people eating human flesh to survive has prompted the United Nations to send emergency aid to the city, Hezbollah together with Assad's forces have refused to let the shipments of this life saving cargo pass in. Likewise, Hezbollah and Assad have refused to let those in dire need of medical care or suffering from exaggerated malnutrition leave the city to seek help.  

Hezbollah has claimed that the responsibility for the dire conditions in the city falls solely on the rebels who are continuing to fight in the city. The terror organization claims that the rebels have turned the residents into accomplices and are spreading false lies about the Syrian regime. 

Lebanon has issued numerous harsh statements against Hezbollah due to the dire situation of the siege. The Middle East Media Research Institute has published a series of statements issued by Lebanese officials displaying their wrath over Hezbollah's actions in Madaya. 

Saad-eddine Rafic Al-Hariri is a Lebanese politician and billionaire who served as the Prime Minister of Lebanon from 2009 until 2011 came out strongly against the siege and called it an attempt to execute the entire city. Al-Hariri wrote on his Twitter account "months of siege and refusal to allow food and medical supplies to over 40,000 citizens of Madaya. Where is the world conscience? The siege of Madaya is an execution order carried out by the sword of starvation." 

Former cabinet minister and Druze resident of Lebanon Marwan Hamadeh declared "Hezbollah, ISIS and the Syrian regime should be ashamed of themselves. Moreover the world should be ashamed over what is occurring in Madaya. We have regressed to something worse than the Nazis, worse than Stalin, and worse than Zionism, something that forces us to remove the degree of resistance from any of the people, organizations or countries involved in the siege, or those who remain silent to the abominable crime that is being committed here." 

Madaya has been under siege since July of 2015, and currently has approximately 40,000 people left in the city. The residents have been denied access to food, and medical supplies that have been shipped over as part of an emergency United Nations aid package, and has been left to starve. There is still resistance in the city and rebel fighters are still fighting with troops from the Syrian regime as well as Iranian backed Hezbollah.