An animated video making the rounds on social media in recent days provides a prime example of the sophisticated incitement machine that has been fueling the current terror war against Israeli Jews.

It exhorts Arabs to get up from whatever they are doing, step into their cars, grab a knife or gun, and go kill Jewish soldiers wherever they may be found.

The video exhibits high-quality professional animation, which probably cost thousands of dollars to produce.

A pro-Hamas video that was uploaded to the Internet last week featured a singing troupe, an Egged bus and an enactment of a suicide bomber's mission.

As translated by Palestinian Media Watch, the song is rife with delicate gems of poetry such as this:

"Oh bearer of good tidings, wrap the explosive belt around your waist. The story of the Intifada will only be told when the roof of a bus goes flying.

"Oh Martyrdom-seeker, make them cry. Make the fire engulf them. Turn them into body parts, roast them, bringing joy to the hearts of the steadfast people.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office vowed in January, for the umpteenth time, to fight incitement by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials and media against Israel.

Israeli officials have warned that this incitement is the root cause for the current wave of terrorism against Israelis.