Six people died in a large-scale traffic accident on Highway 1, between the Latrun and Anava interchanges, in which around 11 other people were wounded. One of the victims who died was initially listed as being critically wounded before dying of the injuries.

At least three of the dead are said to be children. Among the wounded are two in serious condition, one moderately wounded, and the rest lightly injured.

In the crash a truck and bus collided, leading to the large number of wounded. The bus was identified as being of the 402 line heading from Jerusalem to Bnei Brak, which left the capital at 5:40 p.m.

Magen David Adom (MDA) has declared the crash a mass-casualty incident, and large medical forces have been dispatched to the site. All of the wounded have been evacuated to the hospital.

Egged said in a statement that the bus apparently hit the truck which was standing on the side of the road but still jutting out into the traffic lane. The driver seems to have not noticed that the truck was sticking out into his lane, according to Egged, which noted the circumstances will be investigated.

The driver of the truck, an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem aged in his 40s, has been taken in for questioning, as has the Egged driver.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a statement on the crash later on Sunday night, saying, "it's a difficult evening with tidings of Job (i.e. of mourning) from the lethal crash, I was updated on the situation from the site and the investigation. I join in the sorrow of the families and wish a full recovery to the wounded in the name of us all."

Ichud B'Ichud medical volunteer Daniel Ben-David said, "when I reached the scene I came across a serious crash involving an Egged bus and a truck."

"Some of the bus passengers were trapped and unconscious, and more than 20 additional wounded were conscious, I asked for help from additional volunteers," added Ben-David.

"At this point the forces are still streaming into the area to help with initial medical treatment for the wounded, some of whom are still trapped in the bus."