MotorcyclistPhoto: Nati Shohat, Flash 90

Good news for hog heads – Starting Monday, all motorcycles and motor-scooters will be permitted to travel in two central public transit routes in central Tel Aviv as part of a trial set up by the Minister of Transport and Intelligence, Israel Katz.

During the predicted six-month experiment, two-way lane accessibility will be allowed on Derech Namir Rd. (between Arlozorov St. and Glilot interchange) and on Ibn Gvirol St. (between Marmorek St. and Shim'on ha-Tarsi St.)

Should the initial trial prove to be successful, motorcyclists will be allowed to drive in those routes permanently, and after a year trial, they may be given access to drive in all public transit routes throughout Tel Aviv.

"The decision to allow cyclists to travel in public transportation routes in Tel Aviv is the correct move. After a short test period, which will hopefully be successful, I intend to adopt permanent regulations in the city," explained Katz.

The trial will be supervised by a team of researchers from the Technion Institute of Technology headed by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Transport, Dr. Shai Super, with permission from the Tel Aviv Municipality and Ministry of Transportation.