Border Police (file)
Border Police (file) Police spokesperson unit

An initial investigation has revealed some new details in the car ramming attack on Saturday evening, in which Arab terrorists lightly wounded four Border Police officers at Metzudat Adumim Junction, near Ma'ale Adumim to the east of Jerusalem.

Officers stationed at an observation point had located two suspects breaching over the security fence and getting into a car with Israeli license plates that was waiting for them beyond the Al-Zaim checkpoint.

The two suspects got into the car which began driving off in the direction of Jerusalem, further raising the suspicions of the officers.

פיגוע דריסה ליד מעלה אדומים

From the observation point the officers reported what they had seen to motorized forces, who began pursuing after the suspects. Near Metzudat Adumim Junction the suspicious vehicle hit a traffic jam, at which point the officers got out and approached the car, calling on the suspects to stop and exit the vehicle.

The moment the terrorists saw the officers, they quickly backed-up in reverse and in doing so hit a car standing in the traffic jam, and then tried to run over the officers and flee the scene.

In danger of being run over, the officers opened fire on the car which continued driving and went up on the raised dividing space in the middle of the road, speeding off back in the direction of Al-Zaim.

A second Border Police force blocked the road heading to Al-Zaim. The terrorists rammed into the police car blocking the road at full speed, and were subsequently arrested.

Initially three Border Police officers were said to be lightly wounded in the incident and evacuated for treatment at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, but the total was later updated to four officers. One was wounded when the car backed-up and tried to run down the officers, while the other three were wounded by the force of the vehicle slamming into the police car blocking the road.

Three suspects were in the car, including two residents of Judea and Samaria, both of whom were wounded by gunfire. A 14-year-old suffering gunshot wounds and a 40-year-old with injuries to his jaw were evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem, while the third terrorist was brought to Shaare Tzedek Hospital in stable condition suffering gunshot wounds to the stomach.

"The officers and combat soldiers function with self-sacrifice, firmness and great professionalism every day, to fulfill their mission for the security of the city of Jerusalem," said the police in a statement.

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