Manny Naftali
Manny Naftali Flash 90

Former Superintendent of the Prime Minister's Residence Manny Naftali has won his lawsuit against the Prime Minister's Residence and Prime Minister's Office Deputy Director General Ezra Saidoff.

Naftali is to receive 170,000 shekels (nearly $43,000) according to the court decision Wednesday afternoon.

The former employee of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had complained of extensive verbal abuse by Netanyahu's wife Sarah, who has been the subject of many press assaults over the years.

He alleged that she had turned over a table and broken kitchenware while shouting at employees, and likewise claimed she summoned workers to the Prime Minister's Residence just to wish her a good night.

Sarah began testifying on the case last May, saying, "for over 15 months, my blood has been spilled in the streets by Manny Naftali and his supporters, with the encouragement of the press."

"Until this very moment, my voice has not been heard. Most of the things I saw in the media are untrue," she claimed.

Naftali commented on the ruling, telling Online 2: "I knew that I would win. The amount is not important to me, and neither is the money that I am getting. Even with it, I'm in debt because of trial. For now I'm not talking. Later I'll talk about what I will do from now."

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