Bennett in Yavneh
Bennett in Yavneh Oded Karni

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home), together with Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush (UTJ), Director of Independent Schools Rabbi Eliezer Sorotzkin, and the regional head of haredi schools Itzik Zahavi, visited the haredi schools in Yavneh on Tuesday.   

Bennett, together with the group of dignitaries, visited numerous schools in the area and sat in on some of the classes that were being taught. He spoke with some of the teachers regarding the education system for the schools and viewed presentations that were prepared by some of the students according to the mandates of the new curriculum. The minister also participated in a class that was being taught to twelfth graders regarding issues of the "Jewish Home". 

At the end of the tour, which included visits to boys and girls elementary schools and a girls high school, Bennett said "I see a wonderful education system, and it is terrific to see what is going on here. I am aware of the tensions that were created by the previous government between the Ministry of Education and the haredi education system, and it is not a secret that my opinion differs from that of the person who held the position of Education Minister in the last government."

"Sadly, in recent years there has not always been a positive outlook with regards to haredi society, but that time is over," explained Bennett. "I want the haredi community, and its beautiful schools, to feel as if they have an equal part and not as if they are deprived.

"My opinion on this matter is simple and clear: Haredi children deserve equality in education. We are opening a new chapter between the education ministry and the haredi school system.