Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedAlex Kolomoisky / POOL

With the Israeli Knesset having passed its first reading on the much-discussed "Transparency Bill", the NGO Monitor has issued a statement to the press in which it reiterated its proposal to set up, what it calls "mutually agreed funding guidelines." These guidelines would, according to NGO Monitor, alleviate the problems presented by foreign governmental funding. 

The proposal comes in place of the current policy of the government that, the group claims, is aimed at legislating a ban on foreign government funding of NGO's operating in Israel. According to the statement, NGO Monitor said that "Israel and Europe should address these issues jointly and reach understandings as to what is appropriate in foreign funding for civil society. This will be strengthen their shared democratic values, advance constructive dialogue, and promote human rights in a manner consistent with the foreign policy of European governments."

NGO Monitor published a list of guidelines on which it hopes to establish a dialogue between Israel and the foreign governments. The guidelines include five major points of discussion which it believes will resolve Israel's concerns regarding the foreign funding. The statement listed the points as a ban on funding for NGOs involved in antisemitism, a ban on funding for NGOs involved in or with  terrorism and those who support it and their staff. In addition a ban on funding for organizations that deny Israel's right to define itself as a Jewish state, that promote one-state frameworks, or support "right of return" claims for millions of Palestinian refugee descendants will be included.

Another ban would be put in place against funding for NGOs involved in any BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) campaigns. The last point included by the NGO Monitor is that there should be no funding for NGOs promoting anti-Israel lawfare. 

The monitor had previously issued this statement, however, the Israeli government has so far not chosen to implement NGO Monitor's proposal.