Israeli forces at scene of Damascus Gate shooting
Israeli forces at scene of Damascus Gate shootingYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

IDF forces a month ago raided the home of and interrogated one of three Arab terrorists behind the deadly attack in Jerusalem last week, Channel 10 revealed on Monday. 

Border Police officer Hadar Cohen was killed and another female officer wounded when the three Arab youths - armed with automatic weapons, knives and explosives - opened fire at the Damascus Gate. 

Israeli forces arrived at the youth's house in Kabatiya in early January as part of a standard warning procedure over the youth's posts on Facebook, which signaled he was preparing to carry out a terror attack. 

The youth's posts started after his 16-year-old friend, known as the terrorist "selling Krembo," was eliminated by security forces at the Jalame checkpoint in October as he attempted a stabbing attack. 

Among the things the young terrorist posted on Facebook were such statements as, "I'm coming to join you," and praising "the martyrs" who conducted additional attacks. 

During questioning, the youth denied he intended to carry out an attack and said the posts were only made in solidarity with his friend. In the absence of further evidence, he was released. 

In light of the new revelations, the security establishment is examining if there were early warning signs which could have helped prevent the deadly attack.